Who They Are

A Bay Area non-profit dedicated to providing full-time music teachers to inner-city schools in San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond that have either eliminated or reduced their music programs.

Why They Came To Us

The organization had long been in existence under a previous name but was undergoing a major restructuring under new Executive Director, Dylan Tatz, who wanted a new brand to reflect those changes. With a fresh name, zSharp commissioned Trejure to step in and build out the rest of the brand, beginning with design for the logo and website.

What We Did For zSharp

Our logo design process was inspired by great jazz and classical legends, ultimately leading us to a logomark that marries the musical sharp symbol "#" with the letter "Z" — visually alluding to the name of the organization within the mark itself. We then carried the spirit of the logo into the website design and marketing collateral for zSharp.

zSharp logo design

Logo Design

The organization was undergoing a total reimagining, and chose a new name to reflect those changes. “zSharp” is a nod to their target audience, Generation Z, and their music-focused mission. We worked with zSharp to develop a logo that mirrored the organization’s culture and goals. Our team worked through several logo iterations incorporating “z” with the musical notation for a sharp note, “#.” The final result is an elegant amalgam of the two symbols that is straightforward while also echoing zSharp’s creative and educational foundation.

symbol exploration

concept development & color exploration
concepts for logo design

Website Design

The website had to straddle two worlds and meet multiple objectives. It speaks to both donors, partners, educators and students. The site design is professional while invoking the improvisational, innovative spirit of jazz. Working through several options, we built around a color palette and mood resting in a comfortable middle ground, engaging children and corporate donors alike.

concept for website

Utilizing an organized but playful design with a color palette incorporating bright blues and yellows partnered with subdued copper and beige tones, the zSharp website strikes an ideal balance, speaking to multiple audiences.

zsharp.org — homepage design

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