The Rabbit Hole

Who They Are

A theater company that produces plays & musicals for adult audiences and teaches theater classes for children based in San Francisco.

Why They Came To Us

The Rabbit Hole was outgrowing their homegrown SquareSpace site and needed a solution that was more sophisticated in design, reflecting the otherworldly and eccentric creativity behind their brand. And while the logo at the time worked, it lacked polish.

What We Did For The Rabbit Hole

We refined the current logo with finishing touches to demonstrate the brand's growth and maturity as a professional theater company. Then we worked closely with Brooke and Mia, The Rabbit Hole's directors, to map out the content for the new site, painstakingly designed each and every page, complete with a typographic treatment that spanned multiple timeframes in history to create a neither-here-nor-there look & feel.

Coming over from SquareSpace, Mia and Brooke expected to be able to update site content themselves, so we integrated the site with ExpressionEngine, our content management system of choice, to allow them to post new classes, productions, and schedules easily.

moodboard design included vintage elements from late 19th to early 20th century

Brooke & Mia provided us with some inspirational imagery, which we added to and incorporated into the moodboard (above). The sources included: turn-of-the-centry French graphic design, vaudeville, nickelodeon theaters (yup, they really were only 5 cents back then), and of course: Alice in Wonderland.

We started with a simple typographic treatment for the logo, creating two versions for each division.

Two design versions of The Rabbit Hole logo

Once the foundation was laid, we embellished the logo with weathered textures and set it in a monochromatic color palette to evoke a strong turn-of-the-century feel established by the moodboard.

Final version of the Rabbit Hole logo with a textured, weathered background
Poster design for Hair the Musical
poster design for the Rabbit Hole's production of the musical Hair — homepage design
current production page birthday parties page

We designed a number of page headers with unique themes. As you move from page to page in the website, you eventually uncover them one by one, adding a sense of whimsical discovery to the experience.

website headers

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