The Purple Carrot

Who They Are

The Purple Carrot delivers plant-based meals to your doorstep. All ingredients are organic when possible, pre-measured and locally sourced.

Why They Came To Us

Having just hatched the idea for a new kind of meal delivery service catering to a healthier, plant-based diet, founder Andy Levitt now needed a brand to support his (pun intended) fresh new startup.

What We Did For The Purple Carrot

One of our most comprehensive branding projects to date, we designed everything for The Purple Carrot from identity (logo & business cards), to desktop and mobile website, to the pitch deck for potential investors. We also contributed design thinking to the product design and user experience.

Logo design for The Purple Carrot
We used the Golden Ratio (1:1.618) extensively when designing the Purple Carrot’s logo
since it’s such an iconic blueprint of beauty in nature and we wanted the logo to reflect it.
blueprint/schematic for logo design

We designed the brand colors for the Purple Carrot Pantone color values for the Purple Carrot brand — homepage design
website homepage design

Trejure is one of the most accomplished designer firms I've ever known; they develop beautiful iconography, brand logos and UI/UX flows that are second to none. They are strategic in their design considerations, and informed in their choices.

Andy Levitt Founder, The Purple Carrot

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