Who They Are

In a sea of apps that help you track your eating habits, Rise is a mobile app that connects you personally with a nutritionist to work with one on one. A real, live human being holds you accountable for your meal choices rather than an algorithm, making technology in this case a facilitator versus an end in itself.

Why They Came To Us

Rise came to us while putting the finishing touches on the 1.0 version of their iPhone app. They wanted us to help design & develop their prelaunch site to generate interest in the new app.

What We Did For Rise

We helped Rise evolve that initial prelaunch site into the responsive design it lives in today, and have since also designed various marketing collateral such as email templates and a guide to support their nutrition coaches.

rise.us — homepage design
landing page design

Print design: cover for Rise's Coach Guide Inside page design Print design services were provided to Rise In this printed guide, we show nutritionists how to use the Rise app.
Art direction for photography choices were provided for Rise as well.

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