Progressive Bodyworks

Who They Are

Teacher-training for Pilates instructors better their craft. Also: Pilates Avatar — an audio-based workout that lets students to continue their Pilates practice without having to be 100% dependent upon private lessons.

Why They Came To Us

Clare Dunphy, the founder, is a 2nd-generation Pilates instructor, but her branding at the time didn't reflect her professional stature, renown, and reputation within the Pilates world.

What We Did For Progressive Bodyworks

What started with refreshing the brand with a contemporary and dynamic logo has since turned out to be one of the most prolific client relationships we've enjoyed to date. Trejure, to this day, proudly designs & manages every aspect of the Progressive Bodyworks brand.

typographic exploration for identity design

Typographic Study

We started by exploring typefaces we could use for the logo and brand collateral. This is extremely helpful in establishing the voice of the brand.

focussed typographic study of Mrs. Eaves

After settling on Mrs. Eaves for its versatility and strong yet graceful voice, we refined it down to specific combinations of styles we felt would work best.

color exploration for Progressive Bodyworks logo

Color Study

To reflect the brand’s groundedness, we explored several color schemes inspired by nature. Ultimately we settled on the ember-like “Hearth” (below).

chosen color palette for Progressive Bodyworks logo
logomark exploration for Progressive Bodyworks

Logomark Design

To pull all the pieces together, we took the results from the type and color studies to inform the design of the mark for the logo.

chosen logomark for Progressive Bodyworks


We wanted to infuse a sense of movement into the mark, so the final direction integrates a shape that transforms its color, rotation, and size around a central anchor point.

Business Card and Letterhead Design
business card and letterhead designs for Progressive Bodyworks

Website Design & Development

The site encompasses not only design, but front- and back-end development. For the content management system, we chose ExpressionEngine for its flexiblity and reliable 3rd-party add-on community.
website design for Progressive Bodyworks

Pilates Avatar

Trejure manages the entire product cyle for Progressive Bodyworks’ mobile workout program, Pilates Avatar.

Mobile Apps

native (top) & web (bottom)
mobile app design for Pilates Avatar

Product Video

Studio Kit

top to bottom: Implementation Guide, Instructor Guide, Exercise Lists
print design for Pilates Avatar

UX Design

snapshots of UX workflow and sitemap
user workflow and sitemap for Pilates Avatar

Building a product as complex as Pilates Avatar required careful thinking around the design of the experience, so we mapped out various aspects of the user’s workflow to establish a clear roadmap.

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