Blueprint Schools Network

Who They Are

An education non-profit dedicated to dramatically improving public schools in inner city districts such as Boston, Houston, Denver, and St. Louis.

Why They Came To Us

We partnered with Blueprint Schools Network while it was still in the process of forming as an independent organization out of cutting-edge research being conducted at the Harvard EdLabs. They came to us with an idea and a plan, but needed help designing a brand they could present to the world.

What We Did For Blueprint Schools Network

By helping Blueprint personify their brand first, we were able to move quickly into designing a logo, business cards, website, develop the front and back-end of the website, and design printed collateral like hand-outs for parents.

whiteboard of brand personification exercise

Identity Design

We always start off with a whiteboard exercise to personify the brand before jumping into logo designs. This establishes the emotional tone for our approach to every visual manifistation of the brand.

typographic exploration
logotype exploration

final logo design
Blueprint Schools Network logo final design

business card designs
design for business cards

Website Design

website design, concept A website design, concept B
homepage concepts
final website design for homepage

interactive graph displaying results
interactive graph showing results

Print Design

brochure hand-outs
brochure designs

Trifold Brochure

trifold brochure, outside
trifold brochure, outside

trifold brochure, inside
trifold brochure, inside

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